An on-going collaboration with Alli Miller, our photographs (and subsequent installations) explore “other spaces” in the matrices of consumer enticements and megatexture of the American commercial landscape.

With a nod to the legacy of pop art and culture jamming, we examine sign culture within the grammar of public space, and strive to subvert the sterile presentation of corporate marketing through the framing of that which is liminal, hyperbolic, and humorous. We isolate moments in contrast to the inconspicuous massage of advertisement, and create typologies of these spaces in order to explore their meaning.



Wells College, Aurora, NY (2014)

 et al Projects, Brooklyn, NY (2013)

Fountain Art Fair, New York, NY (2013)

May Gallery, New Orleans, LA(2013)

BRUCENNIAL, New York, NY (2012)



Wessel Castle (2013)

Shore Signs (2012)