Mariner IV: First Images of Mars was produced for the exhibition series Proximal Distance at the Store Front Studio in Chicago, IL.  An artist book, lecture and video projection examines the Mariner IV’s mission to Mars & these first close range images of the Martian surface.

The first images of Mars consisted of 21 digital photographs recorded by the Mariner IV space craft on July 14, 1965. During their transmission to Earth (and subsequent processing), engineers found evidence of a possible malfunction. While waiting for the computers to process the first images, engineer Dick Grumm (and others) took to coloring in the data tape using a “paint-by-numbers” technique. This lead to the first photograph of Mars from space being hand rendered (photo below).


First_TV_Image_of_Mars-trey burns

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photography by Caitlin Gianniny

 (photo by Caitlin Gianniny)




alli miller & trey burns, shore signs (2012)

Alli Miller & Trey Burns, Shore Signs (2012)

Artist book, exhibited at et al Projects: April 13 – April 30th

♫ “Handmade in Bed-Stuy” ♫


Alli Miller & Trey Burns 2012

Shore Signs: Paintings for Use or Pleasure. A short video proposal about vernacular paintings in Coastal New Jersey – part of our on going collaboration documenting sign painting, murals, and other forms of commissioned painting in view from the public space.

alli miller & trey burns 2012

We are designing a publication for an upcoming exhibition at et al Projects, this is a possible spread.



Tied for 3rd Place in the Concour de Monument II (La Tournée Mondiale) at the ENSA Paris-Malaquais, Curated by Kristina Solomoukah & Elfi Turpin in 2010.


An ongoing collaborative project with Alli Miller  shown at the Brucennial 2012 (presented by the Bruce High Quality Foundation and Vito Schnabel), this video provides a glimpse of the opening and documents our project in the middle of the spectacle that is the Brucennial. Our project, the self-titled WESSELCASTLE, is a video loop that references digital display advertising and was exhibited in the main room of the exhibition.

Analogous to this project is also our online archive.

Below is an excerpt from our press release:

“In our inaugural work, we present the first edition of an ongoing video project that includes images present in vernacular paintings. These images, found in community murals and hand painted signs are collaged in to a motion graphics tableau. The resulting aspic emulates digital display advertising and the legacy of pop art. 

This subversive act references advertising’s propensity to appropriate vernacular forms and strip them of initial intent in a matrix of consumer enticements. What is left is a whimsically frenzied world in which the viewer is left searching for meaning in forms that might seem vaguely recognizable. As advertiser, WESSELCASTLE doesn’t seem to be selling anything at all, but simply branding this act.”



4&E is an artist book produced for my MFA thesis exhibition at SCAD in 2008. It explores the offcuts of my studio practice throughout graduate school, functioning as both catalogue and précis to a formative process towards culmination. The exhibition was presented in a constructed white cube, and the book was offered as a take-away object.



This video is a POV glimpse of the project I produced in 2008 for Le Flash (an arts festival in the Castleberry Hill district of Atlanta) curated by Stuart Keeler and Cathy Byrd. My approach was to challenge the form of the festival by casting spectators into spectacle. A roving band of photographers chose random individuals and hurdled glitter, camera flashes, and questions – briefly turning them into a celebrity.




Photograph by Nathan Brines


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